Friday, November 02, 2007

Taught the Level 1 16-19 group that I started the Blogs up with again today though we were working on Diversity project so didn't work woth the Blogs.

They really are streets ahead in terms of IT ability compared to other ESOL groups I've taught recently. Virtually all of them were accessing visuals from a great host of online photo storage sites and the speed that they were working with these files was most impressive! Though we were working with 'old fashioned' PowerPoint in order to produce their Diversity presentations it occurred to me how this type of project work (using photos to encourage written work and class presentations) to talk about their favourite places/people and things would really lend itself to the PET Blog project I'm going to be working on.

The thing about creating a PowerPoint presentation with ESOL students is that it has a very satisfying outcome and can be completed in a realtively short period of time which I think appeals to students (and teachers).

Compare this with a Blog in its early stages of creation: it can look a bit boring until its up and running and as I have found wiht this group ; it can be frustrating when it doen't look as good as they might have hoped. This should be where the comments facility should come into its own - if we had doen this Diversity project on a blog then sts could ask each other more information about their objects...mmm...might get them to transfer some of the info onto their Blogs and see how it goes.

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