Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Advertising the PET project

I did a speil in 2 ESOL team meetings today - 16-19 and EFL - and showed them some of the Australian sample Blogs I found. Both teams seemed receptive to the outline of what I hope to achieve.

A few interesting questions cam up:
  • How accurate should students' English be? (does this depend on what is the focus of the task?)
  • Should the teacher correct the work? If so - how? Correct all work??
  • How should the teacher monitor the Blog? (trying to keep time spent to a practical level)
  • What privacy settings need to be used?
We decided to set a deadline of Dec 7th for those interested in taking part to let me know and I also encouraged people to contact me for further info/chat more about what they'd like to do.

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rdsc said...

Most teaching blogs I've seen say something along the lines of "do the very best you can" for spelling, and ban txt spch(and most blog platforms have spell checkers). Feed reading makes monitoring blogs a doddle - drop in some time if you like and I'll go over Google Reader with you - should only take 10 mins.