Friday, December 07, 2007

Getting ready for January and getting the team to volunteer for PET!

Feels like this week has been pretty full on - been involved in sorting out the arrangemnets for my cover in January and reminding people to contact me if they want to take part in the PET project. Got a healthy response from quite a few innovative teachers so am feeling positive. Also made a contact in Ealing who seems up for getting involved afetr I get BC off the ground.

I also went on a v good training day on Tues delivered by Gavin Dudeney from The Consultants -E - based in Barcelona. It was entitled Web 2 to Web 3D and was pretty inspiring!

The morning session was about Wiki/Blogging/Podcasting - got a few new resources but wa spretty up-to-date on that side of things really; and in the afternoon we ventured into Second Life which was amazing (when the Internet connection allowed us to have a play).

The Consultants E are carrying out teaching seminars in second life - we saw a sample powerpoint that he does in real time and he explained how he deals with Q's from the floor...wasn't too sure at this time if the training day was turning into a big advert for his company...!

There was an awful lot of stuff to process but I really enjoyed the day - in as much that it provided a bit of headspace away from teaching to reflect on all the stuff that's out there.