Thursday, September 13, 2007

w/c 10 Sept - Met Penny and talked about 'personalising' the ESOL Hammersmith Community page on the Student Portal. Think that this is much better for our ESOL learners as they do not have to try and wade through reams of info to find what they need adn we can personalise the info that is displayed.

Then met with Rachel and David (ESOL PAMs) to present it and get some feedback on what they thought we should feature on it.

a couple of issues - in order to keep it up to date, it's going to take quite a lot of work. I'm happy to do it but I do get collared (as do Rachel and David) to help out with any random IT related ESOL queries which eats into my time! Secondly, that in order to keep students' interest; it will need to be regularly updated. We discussed having revolving levels of resources from Beginner up to Advanced so that various students can benefit.

Back to Penny then with our suggestions and I had a go at putting a couple of links on there - seems pretty straightforward! i'm going to produce a handout for the ESOL team and encourage comments about what we should feature on the page via our ESOL Discussion board. Hope to get some student feedback too - what would they find useful there?


rdsc said...

Liz - social bookmarking could help here - there's loads of different services but is the best known. I must admit I've only just started using it so I haven't explored all it's features yet, but the basic thing is that you store your bookmarks on a page on their site - you Tag them when you save them so you can group them by subject. You can group them into "bundles" for a particular purpose as well. Anyone can see the page (if you mark it public) so it's easy to point people to one place. It's also very easy to do - if I'm on a page I want to bookmark - I hit the delicious button on my browser - it pops up a window asking me to add some tags - or a description - click OK and get on with what I'm doing. You don't have to visit the delicious site to save links.
There's a very good (quick) video called Social Bookmarking in Plain English here.

Liz Boyden said...

Thanks Richard - not quite got my head around social bookmarking yet...will work on it!