Tuesday, September 25, 2007

e-learning – taken from summary EDUCATION AND SKILLS HARNESSING TECHNOLOGY of particular interest is the personal online learning space section...

What does it mean for learners? As a learner, you should have:

More ways to learn: the chance to develop the skills you need for
participating fully in a technology-rich society. Along with listening and
reading, you will be spending more time learning in groups,working with
other learners, being creative, learning through challenging, game-like
activities and materials that adjust to the level and pace appropriate to you,
and with clear personal goals that you help to set.
More subjects to choose from: you should have access to subjects taught
through partnerships between schools, colleges, and universities, or other
sources of adult learning, through carefully designed materials, with expert
support online, and networking with your peer group, in your community or
workplace, choosing from a wide range of topics provided by accredited
learning and training providers.
More flexible study: you will have more choice about where, when and how
you study, making it easier for you to create your own mix between studying in
a place with other learners, learning at work, learning at home, and learning
Easier ways to try things out: if you’re not sure you’re interested in further
learning, there will be online access to informal tasters, linked to leisure or
domestic activities, enabling you to progress to the next stage by means of
highly motivating short modules, as and when you wish.
A personal online learning space: where you can store electronically everything
related to your learning and achievements, course resources, assignments,
research, and where you can plan your next steps, and build links for
professional advice and support.And being online, it will be accessible from
home, from school, and, in the longer term, from each new organisation as you
Help to move on: you can find out online what courses are available, and which
ones might suit you best,with online questionnaires to assess where you are
now, where you want to be, and how to get there.

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