Thursday, October 05, 2006

Meeting with Rachel. We discussed the following:
ESOL Homepage – one link to worksheets (ESOL IT/IT) regigging of mats – Liz to do. We discussed the idea of a generic homepage for all ESOL sites (with ILPs / proformas etc) to be discussed at Standard. meeting. When this is completed – advertise to teachers.

Diversity on SLW – Should we place work on the recent projects on the portal? Liz wonders if it will be used? Liz to mention in 16-19 meeting and get feedback.
Find Archive – Passages of Asylum/What it means to be British/First Impressions of GB then create some Q sheets for sts to navigate to

IT training on 18th Oct – what would be useful?

Liz to send out email requesting what people want – equipment use – data proj in the classroom / interactive materials available / exploiting your tablet
Which would you be interested in? What else would you like – (centime covered on CER day).

Buddies – make a ‘report’ on what our scheme is and what we are working on.
Liz can provide support for teachers in IT suites/ in the classroom – outline this in the IT training on 18th

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